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18 mai 2006

Norway Day

Yesterday was Norway Day and in honor of our roommate Kirsti, who’s Norwegian obviously, Julie and I decided to join in the celebration… big time!!!

Traditionally, on that day, Norwegians start drinking beer at 8 in the morning for breakfast… But we had to work so we tried to catch up starting at 5pm. Last night was also the finale of the European soccer Champions League between Barcelona and Arsenal (the most popular team here in Rwanda because of the many African players on it and its reputation for being the leader in England in fighting racism). All in all, many things to celebrate! And so we did, going to our favorite “brochettes” place in Kigali and sharing the sadness of many Rwandese after Arsenal’s unfair defeat (actually, Kirsti and Julie were thrilled but just because we bet that if Arsenal losses, I’ll have to prepare a memorable diner for them…)

Life is still good in Rwanda, I’ve been here for a little over three months now. I have to admit that I’m starting to feel a bit homesick (on addition of being physically sick…) every now and then. But I’m still amazed everyday when I think of where I am and when I realize that I’m starting to fell kind of comfortable here… It’s still very challenging at times but I know I’ll look back on it as one of the most fascinating experiences of my life.

Tickets to Perth are booked, it’ll be great to be back after 5 years and to spend Christmas there! I’ll only have one week of holidays until then, it’s not a lot to travel around but I think I’ll concentrate on Uganda, a beautiful country that is quite easy to travel.

Hope all is good with you, my dear English speaking readers (!), and all the best from Kigali!


Anonymous pap said...

je trouve que tu bois beaucoup de bière ! australienne, au moins ?

10:48 AM

Anonymous pap said...

PS : j'ai oublié : what about this memorable dinner ? une bouillabaisse ? ou des spaghettis à la bolognaise ?

10:50 AM

Anonymous Anonyme said...

Ecoute donc la voix des sages et arrete de boire ou tu vas payer une sacre taxe pour la surcharge... car si mes souvenirs sont bon tt pas vraiment "maigre" avant de partir...

4:01 PM


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